Barcode WebScan

Barcode WebScan is a tool, that allows you to scan and search barcodes at any internet address. You can even use your own URL template.
It has its own build-in fast barcode scanner at the top of the screen and shows the results just bellow it. The scanned barcode will be placed where you put *** in the URL string.

To change the address just tap on the menu and select “Set URL”.
Write down your selected web address and put *** just where you want the code to be placed. It could be part of directory name, URL parameter or what ever part of the URL.

With this app you can easily make your own barcode scanning solution just by creating a website or service, that handles the codes. Then you just write the address of your site and you are all set and done!

The web content will be visible on the same screen under the the scanner.


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