Smart Visual Validation

Special features and possible Use Cases you should know about!

Features of Our SDKs


Catch me, if you can. See the power and performance of Scangine decoder software in action. Scanning barcodes while moving the camera. Try this one with other barcode scanning SDKs.

Challenging Conditions

Low light, glare, extreme angles and wrapped surfaces – no problem with the Scangine barcode scanner SDKs.

Augmented Reality

The integrated augmented reality feature in our barcode scanner SDKs offers the user a bunch of new exciting use cases, which we call Smart Visual Validation.

Use Cases

Inventory Check

The Use Case: a quick inventory check by using our mobile barcode scanner SDK with its integrated AR feature. Check the inventory level with your mobile device and simply order more directly on the floor, if needed.

Shoe Size Availability

The Use Case: How to find out quickly, if your shoe size is available? Have you ever had the problem of desparetly searching for information, if your size is available? The solution: Our complete mobile inventory management solution “Store Keeper” displays directly in the dialog of scanning the most important product information like price, count and available sizes in the store.

Personalized custom prices

Loyalty program meets smart visual validation. The video above shows how the integrated smart visual validation feature of our barcode scanner SDKs could make any loaylty program even more transparent for the customers by showing them their personalized custom prices directly by the scanning of a product on the shelf.