Barcode Inventory Management

Barcode Inventory Management

If you have a small business, this is the best app for stock control or inventory management. Items are added by barcode and the app features fast build in barcode scanner. You can add, edit and remove items from your inventory using the app or in excel using the .CSV format.

Item name, available items count and the price are shown in real time over the scanner screen so you can do very fast check.
There are 4 scanning modes:
– Scan – get all the info fast
– Add items – to add/edit/remove items from the inventory
– Check in – change the available items count when new items arrive
– Check out – change the available items count when items are sold

You can start the “labels” barcode generator to create labels for your products and save them in PDF format for print.

All EAN and UPCA codes are supported and also Code 128, Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5.


  • im3
  • im2
  • im1
  • im4
  • im6
  • im7
  • im5
  • im8