Premium Barcode Scanner SDK and  Smart Scanning Solutions

 Scangine is a fast and accurate barcode scanner for mobile Apps

And the best thing about it – it is affordable for everyone!


We are #2. We try harder, you pay less!

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About Scangine

Scangine is an innovative startup company, specializing in barcode scanning solutions, which aspire to transform the traditional barcode scanners into an accurate and fast barcode-scanning mobile app, affordable for any business.

The company is headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, and is also represented in Sofia, Bulgaria.

 Scangine’s  solutions portfolio includes a Barcode Scanner SDK, based on unique technology, which is robust enough for the most demanding, enterprise-grade applications  and customizable, rapidly deployable enterprise mobile app (for e.g. ticketing, track and trace, or inventory management)

As passionate entrepreneurs our goal is to replicate a laser scanner-like scanning experience and to provide great and timely support for our customers.

Ultimately, seeing is believing though. We thus encourage you to download and test our free SDKs here

Why Scangine?


The unique algorithms in our software soluitons deliver supreme barcode scanning performance and read range under a variety conditions, which is a crucial component of any good user experience.


While most barcode scanners only work well with horizontally aligning and high quality barcode images, Scangine’s decoder allows you to scan any barcodes, anywhere and at any angle – handle most challaging barcodes with ease under challenging conditions of low light, glare, extreme angles and wraped surfaces



Given multiple licensing choices and our unbeatable price point, Scangine makes its premium scanning solutions affordable for any business.
Enterprise-grade Barcode Scanning is no longer a service for deep pockets and large companies. We make it affordable for everyone -NO network connectivity requirements and NO long-term commitments


You want to manage your inventory, prove a delivery, or enter an order using your mobile device? Scanging offers your rapidly deployable complete solution, customized to your needs


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